Vermont Wolf Patrol: Citizen Monitoring for Wildlife

Founded in 2022

A lot of people are surprised to hear that I grew up hunting and fishing. Most people think the people opposed to Vermont practices like recreational trapping and hunting coyotes with hounds are uneducated city folk who don’t understand. But in addition to having been a bowhunter, I’ve also spent the last ten years investigating and reporting on controversial hunting and trapping policies in Wisconsin and now Vermont.

Since 2014, Vermont Wildlife Patrol members (formerly known as Wolf Patrol) have been monitoring wolf conflicts caused by bear hunters baiting on national forest lands, going undercover to expose coyote killing contests, documenting illegal hound hunting practices and we’ve published over 200 videos to educate the public and legislators about these unethical practices.

Since 2022, Vermont Wolf Patrol has been documenting coyote hunting with hounds and working for the abolition of recreational trapping and the commercial sale of wildlife in the Green Mountain State. We are farmers, hunters, vegans, grandparents and every other kind of folk you’ll find here. All our welcome at our monthly meetings which is a safe space for everyone.

Join us as we fight for the reform of wildlife governance and demand a seat at the table for the 87% of Vermonters who do not trap or hunt. We believe all Vermonters deserve a voice in decisions impacting public trust wildlife.