Vermont Wolf Patrol is partnering with For Love of All Things ( to offer these logo t-shirts, tank tops and hoodies to help us raise funds for our current citizen monitoring of coyote hound hunting practices in Vermont, in support of Senate Bill 258, which would end the practice once and for all. $8 from every purchase goes towards our winter field campaign which began in January 2024 when the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department issued 36 permits to hound hunters despite our legislature’s legal opinion that a moratorium was still in place.


Here’s a video of a recent encounter with coyote hound hunters at the Calendar Brook Wildlife Management Area near Sutton, Vermont. These hunters were operating off of a bait pile that was dumped to attract coyotes that could then be tracked by hunting hounds. S.258 would also ban the use of bait to hunt coyotes and bring much needed reform to the archaic Fish & Wildlife Board.

Stay tuned for more updates as the Vermont Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Energy receives testimony on this important bill this week. And if you are a Vermonter, please contact your elected state officials and let them know you support Senate Bill 258!

Find your legislator:

This Western coyote, with a luxurious fur coat, poses in snow and grass, on a sunny day.

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